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10 August 2008 @ 10:02 am
Hey guys,
this clearly isn't working. It has been fun for awhile and me and my friend are trying to start up another OC roleplay game it's called herston_college So if you would like to keep play feel free to come and check it out.Anyways it was fun playing with everyone for awhile there!
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Who: Anyone
What: Party
When: Night
Where: Starting in her dorm, after that unknown.
Warnings: As marked

Alessa sighed and shook her head. This was really starting to get boring. She needed to make some friends and fast. She flicked her computer on and waited for it to start up. Browsing through the school's journal site, she checked the most recent entry she'd posted to see if anyone had seen it.

Seeing that there were still no takers, Alessa gave a soft sigh, resting her chin in her hand, glancing at her door, narrowing her eyes into a glare at it. "Great...another useless boring night. Maybe they'll see it tomorrow..."
09 July 2008 @ 05:16 pm
Who: Anyone
What: Walking around aimlessly
When: Wednesday Afternoon
Where: School grounds
Warnings: As marked

Aimee was glad to finally be out of class for the day, but she couldn't help but wonder if there was anything else to do. She was still trying to get used to the campus and the surrounding town, so she wasn't quite all together on where things were or what there was to do around here.

Opting to not stay locked in her dorm room, she decided to take a walk around campus and familiarize herself a bit more. Maybe she'd even meet more people; she definitely hoped so, she was tired of not knowing much of anyone.

As Aimee walked around the edges of the forest-like area near the school, she let her thoughts drift back to the night of the dance, back to Chris.
01 July 2008 @ 05:58 pm
Who: Isabelle and OPEN What: A lost new student trying to find her way... Where: Halls of the school When: Monday, 30 June/Morning Rating: None as of yet. She had only just gotten used to where everything was at her previous school; that Isabelle was again looking like a lost soul in her new school. American school’s were so much bigger than her school’s in Australia, it would take her forever to get used to this one. She stopped in the middle of a hall, standing to the side so other students wouldn’t bump into her and looked around in a circle. "Okay, now I’m completely lost." She grumbled to herself, getting out a map of the ground trying to find where she had to be, once she did, she left her finger on the spot and started walking absent-mindedly while still looking at her map. (ooc: LJ's being sucky I dont know how to fix the format of this post. ugh)
Who: Audrey, OPEN to anyone
What: Getting High
Where: In the tree's hidden
When: After classes on first day of school
Rating: None as of yet. 

Audrey threw her bag on her bed and headed straight for her stash. She brought some weed, because she wasn't sure if she'd find someone selling around this place. She rolled up 3 blunts and stuffed them into her pocket. She didn't want to smoke in her room, because she'd have to deal with the stench of the smell all over everything. She grabbed her lighter and headed out the door. She was wearing a white hoodie with black letters on the back saying, "Bite Me" and black skinny jeans. She walked into a forest-like area and walked deeper and deeper into it so she could find a good spot where no authoritive figure would find her. She found a tree and sat on the grass in front of it raising her sweater up a little so it wouldn't get dirty. She pulled the blunt out of her pocket and pressed it between her lips. She took out her lighter lighting it and taking the first puff. She looked around and felt like she was in a bad horror movie, she giggled at that thought as she continued to smoke.
27 June 2008 @ 11:37 am
Who: Alastair Drake, OPEN
What: Tacking Damocles for a morning ride
Where: The Stables
When: Early Saturday Morning, around sunrise
Rating: PG-13 Default, no warnings yet

The sun was just rising on a crisp, gray morning as Alastair carried his saddle over his shoulder down the stables main corridor. The metal on the tack jingled with the soft thump of his boots against the packed dirt floor. Several stalls down, Damocles thrust his jet-black head and powerfully arched neck over the stall door and cropped at a bale of alfalfa he could just barely reach with his lips. He stepped out when Ali opened the door, but he used his shoulder to muscle the beefy stallion back inside and dropped the saddle and bridle over the edge of the door. He got the pad and the saddle strapped on without incident, but had to fight Damocles to get his head away from the alfalfa to put the bit in his mouth - he snorted and pawed, but eventually gave in and took the links between his teeth.

Alastair snickered and rubbed under his forelock, holding the reigns securely in one hand. "Stubborn," he muttered, as he pulled the thick, stiff hair out from under the bridle strap.
26 June 2008 @ 10:51 am
Who: Cerceus, OPEN
What: Sixteen 100 meter sprints on a minute
Where: The Swimming Pool
When: Thursday Evening
Rating: PG-13 Default

Cut because I like long intro posts.Collapse )

He wasn't paying attention, so he didn't notice that someone else had walked in until the slap of feet against the wet floor cut through his thoughts.
26 June 2008 @ 12:33 am
Who: Charlie, anyone
What: Looking for a good place to have coffee.
Where: School Parking lot to where ever.
When: After the first day of school.
Rating: None as of yet.

She had been in class early that morning and put simply, she needed coffee. Preferably at a good place with internet access and within the next sixty minutes.
23 June 2008 @ 09:32 pm
Who: Cerceus Tethys and Kora Diaz
What: A private little get-together over coffee
Where: Cy's room, Adamus 408
When: The evening before classes start
Rating: Let's say PG-13 Default, and I'll change it if something happens.

Come in for a cuppa, make yourself at home.Collapse )
23 June 2008 @ 09:04 pm

Who: noel and Ilya, but anyone can join ^ ^
What: conversation
Where: school steps/ front lawn
When: present
Rating: none atm